Big Trees Forest Preserve


Family Style: Hiking

Family Time:  Sunrise to sunset, seven days a week

Family Spot: Big Trees Forest Preserve, 7645 Roswell Road, Sandy Springs, Ga

Family Price: Free, donations are appreciated

Big Trees Forest Preserve is the perfect place for family hiking.  The trails are well managed and easy to follow.  There are places to sit for resting or  for observing the communion of  trees and wildlife.

Along the trails, we found lots of towering, huggable trees.  There are a few wooden bridges standing over flowing waters that make their own soothing music.  Many of the trees are labeled and could be used as props, along with birds nests that are nestled high above the forest floor, in a nature version of “I Spy”.

Both young and older children can stay in tuned to the nature network by taking notice to the varying bird calls, the mammoth size tree that has fallen across the path and giant rocks that line the trail.

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