A Day at Lucky Shoals Park and Community Center

When our kids were little, they enjoyed going to Lucky Shoals Park where they would swing endlessly and use the nearby trees to play hide and seek.

Since making it into their growth spurt and mood swing years, they’ve traded in the playground wood chips and swirly slides for basketball.  So now when I say “Lucky Shoals,” it usually translates to open gym at the Community Center.  But for me,  it means “me time.”

So while the kids are busy shooting hoops in the gym, I walk a few laps around the indoor track or use the one mile paved multi-purpose trail that encircles the park.

After a few hours of running around the court, they turn in their basketballs and pick up pool sticks and ping pong paddles for the game room.

Although, my own children have grown beyond the days of screaming at the top of their lungs on the Lucky Shoals slides, I continue to enjoy the park with my niece and nephew.  On the visits that the little ones don’t tag along, I spend an entire day of exercise and quiet time in a clean, air conditioned facility under the supervision of some really nice folks.

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