Smiling from the Golf Course to the Football Field

“Mom, why are you smiling?”

My son could see the smile on my face through the rear view mirror.

“This GPS  is amazing,” I answered.

The navigation system gave me precise directions from the golf course to the football field, with notifications and reminders, but even with the map on the screen, I managed to make a wrong turn.

I was smiling because I thought about all of the (other) wrong turns I had made and extra miles I had driven prior to the GPS.  Then, I thought about how God is our internal GPS.

He has directions written out for us in the Bible. He speaks them directly to us through prayer and sometimes sends them through others.

I have not always taken heed to His directions. Consequently, I’ve made some bad decisions and I have missed a few opportunities.  But, for the times that I did listen, I have reaped His reward.

I was smiling because I know for sure that God is always with us, giving us directions.  I smile because I know for sure that if we make a wrong turn, if we get off track, God has a word that will guide us back to the right direction.


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