The Wait Is Over

With less than 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Varsity football team exited the field, making way for the JV squad to help close the game with 36-14 victory.

This is what I’d been waiting for all week long. Friday Night Lights.

It was all that I expected it to be. And more.

Watching our offensive line open up holes was thrilling. We jammed to a few old school songs from the band and applauded the cheerleaders as they performed their double and triple back flips.

The tackles excited fans and the touchdowns fueled conversations about stats and college bound hopefuls.

But the most exciting part of the game, for me, was watching the Junior Varsity team hustle onto the field with so much enthusiasm.

Although the end of the game was less than 3 minutes away and we were up by more than 20 points, the JV team took the field for the first time in the game as if it was the first play of the first quarter.

Two weeks have passed since that game and for two weeks I have translated the patience, enthusiasm and determination of the JV squad to my home life, to my teaching craft and to my efforts to show up at Sunday School every Sunday morning.


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