Put Some Tony in It

Tony P.  Tony Parker gave an amazing performance in Game 1 against the Heat.  His effortless spin move in the final minutes put the Spurs up by 3 and helped his team win game 1 of the series.

Tony’s spin move and buzzer-beater shot sparked my creative energies.  He gave me the inspiration that I had been needing to get back into thrifting.  With $20 in my pocket, I walked into a local thrift store the next day looking for a summer shirt.  Instead, I found the book that had mysteriously disappeared from my bookshelf. Think & Grow Rich for only 85 cents. Win!

  Paula D.  Feeling high from my bargain find,  I went to yet another grocery store in search of some Lard. I finally found it.  When I got home, I pulled out Paula Deen’s Old-fashioned Biscuit recipe that sat in the plastic bag along with the onions and crushed rosemary that I borrowed from my mom.  I must say that my first batch came out a little flaky but very buttery thanks to the Lard, I suppose.  I’m going to try for batch #2 during game 2.  This time, I’ll try putting some Tony P. in my Paula D’s.

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