The Sport of Back To School Shopping

If Back To School shopping was a sport and there was an end of season banquet being held in honor of the mothers who plan, sweat, shop for BTS and attend mega Open House events,  I would be in the running for the Most Improved Award.

At the banquet,  I would recognize the look of relief on the faces of the moms who had carried their back to school lists from store to store searching for items.

When the speaker for the night, who would probably be a stay-at-home, coupon cutting, shop-for-Christmas-in-July mom, called me up to receive my award, I probably would walk to the stage slowly, thinking about all of the years that I began my shopping the weekend before school started, the years that my kids started school with just pencil and paper and this year…..the first year in a loooong time that the kids will start school with more than half of their items checked off of their list.

And as I would close out my acceptance speech, giving thanks to my church for the shopping spree, to the hubby for financial support and to Staples for selling  their packs of paper for $.01, I would dedicate my award to all of the first time BTSS moms who hadn’t yet discovered the convenience of the school store.

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