A Play For My Cool

The day after Halloween I devised and immediately practiced an offensive play that I termed “Eye of the Tiger (Katy Perry).”  As I have experienced female hormonal changes, impatient car drivers (honkers), poor customer service and a mouthy teenager, I needed to find a way to maintain my cool.

The Eye of the Tiger play is simple.  When you face difficult adults or attitudinal teenagers, deal with them promptly. Afterwards, do a spin-move and be exceedingly kind to 5 other people.  Since you are almost always kind to family and friends, those on your team, be sure that the 5 people are complete strangers.

As I reviewed the outcome of the play over a glass of  Moscato the next day, I was pleased with the results.  I realized that if I had not executed the play, I might have passed on a few choice words to the guy who tried to charge me $45 for an oil change (foul!). It was highly possible that I may have even kicked a nice-nasty email over to one of my children’s teachers for being unprofessional (technical foul).  Even better, the Eye of the Tiger play protected me from tackling my teenage son in the store that day(ejection).

As I approach 40 and my tolerance level changes, I suspect that I will edit the play to include serving abundant kindness to extremely difficult people.

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