My Family and Youth Sports

I am grateful for ESPN’s survey on youth sports.  As a Sports Mom for 10 years, I can relate to all of the questions, particularly those about family.

The shelves of trophies and sports pictures on the wall remind me everyday that we have centered a lot family time around sports and I sometimes ask myself the question “Has it been worth it?”

I agree with the Ohio mom who said that sports has been wonderful to her family. Our family has created a catalog of memories through youth sports, traveling, celebrations, and meeting new friends.

We also hold memories of driving to countless  practices, paying fees and visiting the ER, so I would contribute to the minority of the survey by saying that there have been times when we have put a strain on our family for the sake of sports.

However, through youth basketball, swimming, track, football, golf and even jump rope we have taught our children to enjoy the game and many other life lessons.  So if ESPN had asked “Is it all worth it?” I would answer with a definitive, “Yes!”

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